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Sophie is coming to France!

Friday 22nd April 2016 @ 12:00 am

Sophie spent most of her day today at a photoshoot for Gala France! Thank you to Severin, Thomas and Beth for a great day.

And, Sophie will be visiting France and Geneva next week! For more details, check out her French Facebook page and Belfond. Hope to see you there.

Friday 22nd April 2016 @ 12:00 am

Reader’s Comments

#3.Crystal SampeyJune 3, 2016

Hi Sophie :)

I am obviously a huge fan! One of my favourite books is I've got your number. I was wondering if there is any chance of a novella continuing Sam

#2.sandhya barotMay 30, 2016 this dream mam i really like ur books ....i m not reading yet , but search on google . Now i m just buying book "can u keep a secret ..?"
my que is i also want to write a book ,but i dont know how ....will u plz give me some suggestions....?

#1.JamieMay 18, 2016

I didn't know where else to post a comment to ask a question. First off, I just wanted to say how much I love your shopaholic series. I never even knew there were books until recently and I have read them all in a months time! I look forward to reading all your books. Second, and this is the big question, are you writing more shopaholic books? I felt like there was more to be said when I finished the last book, Shopaholic to the rescue. I really hope there will be more. Thank you for writing what you have. Being a bookworm I appreciate a talented author.

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